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From Last 2 Years am reviewing organifi products and neither of it that disappointed me nor my visitors on my website . Organifi Product is really effective and trustworty and Organifi Complete protein is a Addition to it.

Well, Before Starting i remind you that last time i reviewed the organifi green juice and guess what it is the best selling green juice online. I really love to review such products which are amazing.

Few weeks back i was searching for a protein powder as many of my visitors out there requested me to recommend them a protein powder which is really helpful and effective to them and guess what i got a email from organifi team regarding the launch of organifi protein powder and here am reviewing a product called Organifi Complete Protein Powder




What is Organifi Complete Protein Powder

Organifi Complete Protein is a 2 in 1 multivitamin protein which is a meal replacement as well as meal balancing protein powder which in turn to can take it as a Breakfast Protein snack which contain plenty of vital vitamins in one drink.

When we are talking about Organifi Complete Protein then you must know why it is the best out there as it uses only 5 star rated organic whole superfoods which most of the protein powder companies don’t use.

Here am listing Crucial and important reasons why Organifi Complete Protein is different from other protein powders-

1. Contains Upto 20 gm of Plant based Protein Powder

2. Contains Delicious flavor of Chocolate and Vanilla

3. Approx 2 gm of fiber soluble

4. Most trending ingredient i.e Omega 3

5. Digestive enzymes purely plant based

6. Contains 100% of Vitamin K,B12,B6 and Zinc

7. Contains 50% of Vitamin A,C,D,E,Selenium and Thiamin

and of course, many more Vitamins and Minerals which a included in Organifi Complete Protein as listed below in the Supplement facts.

Organifi complete protein supplement facts

As we all know now a days how costly the protein powders are ? but ….. wait a minute, Organifi Complete protein powder is only 2.65$ per day.

Ingredients Added to Organifi Complete Protein

organifi complete protein ingredient 4Monk Fruit – It is what we called a sweetener to the Organifi Protein Powder on the other hand, it lowers the blood sugar level and contains almost zero calories.



organifi complete protein ingredient 1Coconut- It’s not just a fruit or sweetener , it has a lot of health benefits such as natural sterile electrolytes, which feed your pH and muscle function



organifi complete protein ingredient 2Cinnamon- Cinnamon is the most healthiest and delicious spices in our planet which controls blood sugar level , reduces heart disease risk factor.



organifi complete protein ingredient 5Vanilla Bean – It is one of the most expensive spices which flavors anything which contains several vitamin and minerals , also helps in boosting memory and energy level.



organifi complete protein ingredient 3Hemp Protein – Hemp seeds are really unique as its a complete protein and taste almost same as a almond which helps in digestion of a individual.



Some more Ingredients are there such as Quinoa protein ,Pea protein,100% Real-whole foods , Digestive enzymes and a lot more which is highly effective for Organifi Complete protein

Health Benefits / Pros Of Organifi Complete Protein

Best Part – Like every organifi products, Its USDA Certified, Non-GMO, Dairy-free,Gluten-free, Soya Free, Vegan.

High in Protein – Organifi Complete protein is high in protein due to its added 20 gm plant-based protein per serving which helps even if we are in a hurry, we can replace a meal and take organic protein. It’s an energy and metabolism booster.

Delicious Taste and Texture – Ingredients such as monk fruit , vanilla bean, coconut make is sweeten and flavorful and i know you will definitely love its creamy texture.

Perfect Meal Replacement – When our Complete protein mixed in water its texture is creamy which will never make you feel like a quick drink , its a Shake rich in protein,carbs .

Digestive Enzymes Support Health- Enzymes in Complete protein helps in digestion and increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Saves a lot of Time – With so many Ingredients, Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, high proteins which makes it a complete protein powder . Its really easy to make it just a scoop of powder , Shake it and we are ready to boost of energy level.

Immunity Support to our Body – Various types of Vitamins such a A,C,D,E,B6.B12 and Whole foods build a strong immune system inside us which makes us feel always positive.

Demerits / Cons of Organifi Complete Protein

Is Available in Online Stores – Organifi Complete protein is selling online in organifi official website



Is Organifi Complete Protein Risk Free

moneyback guarantee on organifi protein powderLike every Organifi Products , Organifi Complete Protein also comes with a 30 Days Money back Guarantee Policy i.e try it 30 days risk free , If you doesn’t like it for any reason just return it and they will pay you your entire money what you have paid.

Organifi Complete Protein is Selling like hot cakes , as Its High in protein and a 2 in 1 Multivitamin so They had limited stocks, Try it Risk free.