A Few Instagram Reels Statistics That Might Inspire You

A Few Instagram Reels Statistics That Might Inspire You post thumbnail image

Do you know the secret to going viral on Instagram? Of course, you have guessed! It is the Instagram Reels feature. This feature works fast and skyrockets your online presence in a short period. But, if you are a marketer before using the Reels feature, you have to know about its statistics to know what it brings to your table. Many marketers started to harness the power of Instagram Reels after reading Instagram statistics.

Here let’s explore the Instagram Reels statistics to know what exactly this latest feature works for your social media marketing strategy in 2023.

87% of Gen Z Engage with Instagram Reels

There is no surprise that Reels compete with TikTok. The inspiring Reels feature grabbed more users’ attention, especially 87% of Gen Z’s viewing Instagram Reels. It is great news for marketers to use this feature for advertising and reaching massive potential customers. Realizing the marketing capability of Instagram Reels, many marketers buy instagram reels likes to make their campaign more impactful. It will escalate the brand’s online presence and drive more sales. So, if your intended audience is Gen Z take the necessary steps to create compelling Reels and gain more users traction.

Instagram Reels First Rolled Out in Brazil

Reels feature is currently available in over 150 countries, but get to know that this feature was first rolled out in Brazil. It was an amazing feature that impressed many people, and following Reel’s launch, Instagram platform usage grew by 4.34% in Brazil in November 2019. Many users started to utilize this feature and were excited that it is similar to the TikTok platform. Like TikTok, Instagram Reels offers incredible editing features to make videos more interactive and engaging. It means that it gives a space to learn and express creative ideas.

Reels Gains 22% Higher Engagement than Regular Posts

If you compare the regular Instagram video posts, you will know that Instagram Reels content is gaining more user traction. It means that it results in an increased engagement rate. According to the studies, Reels gets 22% more engagement than other normal Instagram posts. Once your Reels content is ready, with best practices, you can make it get onto the Explore page. Ultimately, sharing Reels content results in better engagement. With a clear understanding, create compelling Reels content and use FollowFormation to make your business stand out.

61% of TikTok Gen Z Users Spending More Time on Reels

It is clear that after the launch of the TikTok platform, Gen Z loves to use this platform and is addicted to it. Therefore, the rolling out of the Instagram Reels feature aspires to nearly 61% of TikTok Gen Z users. Moreover, as they found that this feature is more interactive, marketers use this unique feature to interact highly with potential customers.

A Maximum Video Length of Instagram Reels is 90 Seconds

When the Reels feature was launched, it was just 15 seconds short form videos. Later, it maximizes its video length to 90 seconds. Users were amused to hear this happy news and started to create Reels content more easily. If you are a marketer, you can use Reels ads to uplift your brand’s online presence and improve your organic reach.

Khaby Lame Reels Got 289 Million Views

Khaby Lame created super relatable and engaging Reels content and, with his brainstorming ideas, started to amuse many users on Instagram. Recently, his one Reels content got over 289 million views and was the most viewed and watched Instagram Reels. Many users are looking at Khaby videos and searching for ways to buy instagram reels views to create a content sensation. So, be a marketer to gain more views for your content and make content more expressively.

Instagram Reels has Plenty of Editing & Marketing Features

Even though the Instagram Reels feature came into the limelight recently, it is packed with incredible editing and marketing options. Marketers can play with it to create engaging content and increase the chance to connect with massive users.

  • Draft option to create content
  • 60-second Reels
  • Remix feature to make new Reel
  • Video clips to experiment with timing, filters, and effects

Final Verdict

Instagram Reels feature is a great addition to Instagram, which lets users be more creative and express their talents. Reading this information lets you know that Instagram Reels is more popular among people, and businesses started to use this feature to build a strong community. So, after exploring the statistics, begin to make Reels videos that work for your business!