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In the Market there are very few companies that are transparent to there customers and Vibrant Health a Leading Superfood powder Maker is on the top and Its products are selling because of its transparency that had made a trust among the buyers and customers who are really exicted to buy the green vibrance.I Had saw many supplemental products often claiming specific ingredients and the labels then act as a mask for determining actual amounts—its really super annoying! Green Vibrance, however, provides an honest, open breakdown of each ingredient, so you really know what you are getting.

Green Vibrance is a award winning superfood product from Vibrant Health a trusted company since 1992. When i was buying these from Amazon , When i saw the ratings ..i was shocked because about 80% people had given it a 5 star ratings and it had more than 800 Reviews Which is a really appreciating for any product who is selling in the market.

So lets Know Is the Green Vibrance a Promising product ?


Green Vibrance is a Superfood powder which is power packed with more than 30 super foods and total of 74 ingredients which increases energy and endurance, greater clarity of thought, more robust immunity, and a shift in all bodily functions toward the ideal.

Green Vibrance provides a well-rounded panel of antioxidants, grasses, fruits and veggies, and a comprehensive blend that includes sea algae/vegetables and herbs. Such a complex nutrition panel backs up the claim that GV can provide trace nutrients for every cell in the body. Now that, my friends, is a quality product!

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The Green Vibrance Includes more than 30 raw superfoods which consists of  Spirulina, Wheat grass juice powder, Barley grass juice powder, Oat grass juice powder, Alfalfa sprouts, freeze dried, Beet juice, freeze dried, Chlorella, soft cell, pharmaceutical grade, Parsley leaf & stem powder, Zucchini fruit powder, Carrot root powder, Green bean powder, Broccoli sprouts, freeze dried, Spinach leaf powder.


When It comes to the Benefits of vibrance green,here it has really acted like a honest and a most transparent company,it had clearly disclosed what people are really getting from it. Although ,I have been really impressed with the potency of nutrients in Green Vibrance. Both herbs and antioxidants are provided in required volumes that will have an impact on the body.

#Digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.

#Circulation, to enhance nutrient delivery to all cells of the body

#Optimal health can be experienced as a strong immune system, sustained energy production, and body systems that run smoothly and cleanly.

#Support a healthy digestive tract, thereby improving nutrient absorption

#Deliver trace nutrients at Paleolithic concentrations

#Improve circulation and cardiovascular health in order to deliver those nutrients to every cell of the body

#Support a vigorous and efficient immune system;

#Directly or indirectly support the other body systems (i.e. musculoskeletal, neurological, integumentary (skin), respiratory, urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular/circulatory, digestive, reproductive and immune)


As per the Green Vibrance makers it can be used by anyone pursuing optimal health,Menopausal and post-menopausal women,Athletes•,Business Professionals,Children,Adults and Seniors,Pregnant and lactating women.


As i had already mentioned at the start that its transparency is the key that makes it unique from any other superfood product,that’s what i really like about it and green vibrance had also disclosed each and every ingredients they had added and in what amount i.e servings …in one word everything..thats what i really like about it and also the benefits are felt by people within few weeks thats not am telling , the 800 amazons reviews and 4.6 rating out of 5 is telling us.


While the bad part don’t had a big concern but when it comes to the taste i think it may be a bit more sweeter because when people likes taste they buy a product. If you are new to the green smoothie world than it may be difficult at the start but after that you will be habituated of green vibrance. the taste is also not too bad its normal like every superfood powder had.

One more thing that i don’t like about green vibrance is buying it from the official site is difficult and also there delivery is quite poor like it takes 3-4 weeks for them to deliver but they had made it more easier by making it available to amazon , it takes 2 days to deliver the product to me from Amazon.


For me green vibrance review was not tough for me because of its TRUTH, TRUST, AND TRANSPARENCY, You will find no misleading proprietary blends with Vibrant Health. they fully disclose each ingredient by dose in every product they manufacture. the taste is tough but not to bad.. you can mix it with fruits juices,sweet smoothies which makes its taste sweeter that  how i take it at he morning.

When it comes to the value it is affordable for everyone out there ,it cost you around 1$ for each serving which is really low at all and its really a value for money product from vibrant health. green vibrance is really the best product i had ever reviewed because i know what my visitors are asking and what they really wanna know about a product.

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Few days back i was reading reviews of green vibrance at AMAZON,some of the reviews was really useful that am posting below and for more you can check it at Green Vibrance Reviews Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 starsI originally began taking GV about 6 months ago and remember that I had began to feel better. I would take it in the morning for
By tpie on October 23, 2014
Size: 60 Servings Package Type: Standard Packaging
Let me start by saying that I am not one to write product reviews on any health supplement product, as I don’t usually notice a significant change in the way I feel. After taking Green Vibrance now for almost a week, I am too excited about the results not to write a review.

I had been feeling generally fatigued, run-down, achey joints, fluctuating hormone levels (47 yo female), foggy-headed, forgetful, depressed at times and packing on the pounds over the years. I was under the impression that I must be premenopausal with irregular hormone levels or something, how else could I explain the feeling of all my energy being leeched from my body for a few years now? I found it difficult to make it through an entire day of work every day.

I originally began taking GV about 6 months ago and remember that I had began to feel better. I would take it in the morning for a light breakfast. Everyone complains about the taste, well it is awful and tastes like hay or grass, however, when you see how good this stuff makes you feel, who cares? I found that taking it in approx 6 oz of Minute Maid’s Pomegranate Blueberry juice helps to disguise the flavor tremendously, so this is the only way I take it now.

For whatever reason, I quit taking GV after a couple weeks, as I think I was either in a rush or just plum forgot some mornings. Slowly the improved feeling of well-being and energy began to disappear. Well, when I opened my freezer last week and saw the canister sitting there, I thought that I might as well put it back to use. After taking it again for almost a week now, my energy is returning, my head is clearing up – I have improved focus and memory, decreased achey joints, and an overall markedly increased general sense of well-being. Why was I so foolish to have quit taking this stuff before? I don’t know, but one thing is for certain now, I will never be without it again!

Best green drink I have ever tried.
By Kaos on November 3, 2014
Size: 82 ServingsPackage  Type: Standard Packaging Verified Purchase
I started using this product at version 14 (now up to v. 14.1). After about two weeks of starting this my energy levels went up considerable. I have not had a cold or flu sense I started using it. I have also noted a much higher level of alertness and overall sense of well being that has not subsided over time (like a short-lived vitamin rush that lasts a few days). In addition, I am sleeping better at night as well (more consistent rest). I use it once per day but occasionally I take a second dose if I feel like I need a bump. Remember, this is a supplement and not a replacement for a good or at least decent diet. I have also noticed that I have considerably less muscle and joint pain and my recoupment time during exercise is better. I really notice a decrease in overall muscle cramping associated with exercise. This does have magnesium in it (and I also take a magnesium supplement). Another plus are the probiotics. I wish they did disclose the number that survive at expiration.

People complain about the taste. I don’t have any issues with the taste. It tastes like raw green plants. I mix a heaping scoop with 7-8 oz. of V8 juice and a little water. I use a stick blender with the whisk attachment to make a smooth blend. The greens taste goes great with the V8 juice.

Oh, be sure to store in freezer to keep the probiotics alive.

I also like that Vibrant Health has a full disclosure label so you know what you are taking and how much (some formulas don’t tell you what doses of nutrients you are getting). I also like the fact that their formula is not static but they add new ingredients as new research becomes available. Enjoy! Kaos

5.0 out of 5 starsI have taken Green Vibrance for years. I also …
By every move u make on October 25, 2014
Size: 30 Servings Package Type: Standard Packaging

I have taken Green Vibrance for years. I also took it during the recall without any problems. I also alternate with Field Of Greens.
I take it straight with water every morning. I take it for health not for the taste! I never have to get a flu shot, I am very seldom sick.
Green Virance keeps me very healthy.

5.0 out of 5 starsBEST green powder around- after trying many others
By C.Mallis on December 8, 2014
Size: 82 Servings Package Type: Standard Packaging
This stuff is seriously THE BEST out there. I’ve tried many green powders and have read and researched as much as I could. You will find noticeable health improvements by using this powder, as well as a caffeine free boost of energy. Its also safe to use while breastfeeding and pregnant! Its hard to cover up the green earthy taste with anything but juice. We use organic apple juice and mix the powder into it. It tastes fine that way. This is an all around great product, and amazon has the cheapest price for it!

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