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My Honest Macro greens powder review from Macrolife Naturals

I had already been discussing about a lot of green superfood powders , and i know my visitors always want me to suggest them the best according to there needs. Today am going to review a product from macrolife naturals which is Macro greens superfood powder.

Well from the last few weeks i had researched a lot around Macro greens and am really exited to share my opinions regarding the macro greens powder . Here you will find all the truth, ugly things,pretty things regarding macro greens review and am going to clear your every doubt regarding you should buy macro greens or not.

So lets see what macro greens superfood powder is all about ?

macro greens superfood powder

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Macro greens is a product from a Californian green superfood company that is really rocking the green superfood market with its versatile and promising green products which are really faithful as am not saying all these .. if you are visiting amazon you can check macro greens had received almost 400 customer reviews and rated at 4.4 out of 5 which is really good for a green product . It shows that how exited the customers are for buying the macrolife’s macro greens powder.


When we had analysed the ingredients of macro greens ..we had noticed that it is power packed with more than 38 ingredients which consists of rich superfoods which gives you more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday.the macro greens ingredients further help you gaining 18 billion probiotics .Macro Greens nourishes your body from the inside out with antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, 18 billion probiotics, plus a herbal blend that supports multiple systems.also check ingredients and supplement facts below.

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#Boosts energy and supports natural weight loss –  As per Macrolife they had promised that it will help you in boosting the energy level at a optimum level and further also macro greens will help an individual regarding loosing weight .
#Supports healthy immunity – The Biggest obstacles now a days ir regarding a strong immunity , when you wanna live your everyday the best you need a strong immunity and macro greens superfood powder helps you boosting,maintaining and keeping you immunity healthy and strong.
#Promotes gentle daily cleansing
#Herbal antioxidants; aloe vera, ginkgo, grape seed


Wait , its not been OVER………. thats what company is promising…. NOW lets see what We found out regarding marco greens . In the below i am going to provide you real verified buyers reviews based of veried purchases from amazon and you can check it too at amazon.

So lets check out what the buyers of Macro greens powder had experienced and shared there helpful opinions and feedback regarding whether to buy macrolife macro greens or not.

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Top Customer Reviews

macro greens customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Regaining my health
By Dr. Twila 
Size: 30 oz Package Type: Standard Packaging

I started using Miracle Greens in June of 2005. I was tired, frequently experienced URI’s, including sinus infections, and had no stamina. Now it is nearly December. I have lost 10#, without really trying to (but then I have a lot to lose), have had no sinus infections, colds, or flu. I use Miracle Greens as my breakfast 5 days a week. I mix MG with milk, juice and frozen fruit for a “smoothie”. I am surprised at how well it satisfies me. I also relax a bit realizing that if my eating doesn’t go well the rest of the day, I have at least started with a good dose of “vegetables & fruits.” I am very pleased with the product and don’t tend to be one who “sticks with” supplements. This is one, however, on which I am SOLD!

5.0 out of 5 stars for everyone flipping out over lead warning
By Mimi 
Size: 30 oz Package Type: Standard Packaging Verified Purchase


Should I be worried about the arsenic, lead, aluminum, mercury, or other “heavy metals” in the products?
Answer:No – this is one of the benefits of taking Plant-Derived Minerals. We know that all of these minerals are naturally occuring in the human body and that there are at least 60 essential minerals, including lead and mercury (one of which is used in RNA & DNA replication – cell growth/repair- the other for proper kidney function). Typically the “heavy metals” are dangerous in the metallic form where they are not water soluble, and the Plant-Derived minerals are all water soluble. This means that if you get more than your body can use, it’s easy to eliminate, flush out the rest so there is no build-up. In fact, the Plant-Derived minerals have the potential to help your body eliminate many potentially harmful, inorganic metal build ups.

For example many people worry about ingesting too much aluminum. It has associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. Yet what many people do not realize is that 12% of the earth’s crust consists of aluminum bound typically to either oxygen or silica. No one can buy a fruit, grain, nut, vegetable, etc. at any market that does not contain trace amounts of organically bound aluminum.
5.0 out of 5 stars The Best on the Market!
By Mark McCuistion
Size: 30 oz Package Type: Standard Packaging Verified Purchase

My wife and I have used Macro Greens for several years. After extensive research into many other “Greens” products, it’s my opinion that Macro Greens has the best combination of nutrients and the best price on the market! Consuming a tablespoon of this daily in water has kept us both free of colds which others get on a regular basis but avoid altogether. We are the beneficiaries of better health because of this wonderful product!

5.0 out of 5 stars Good stuff
By Amazon Customer 
Size: 30 oz Package Type: Standard Packaging Verified Purchase

I bought the 30 day supply from a local health food store to try it before I bought this 90-day supply. I got it initially because it was the only one on the store’s shelves that said that it aided in increasing alkalinity in the system.

I like it very much. In the first 30 days I noticed an improvement in my digestive system and my skin was less dry. A couple of long-term calluses on my feet, that were constantly cracking, disappeared. Alkalinity has improved, also.

It is easy to mix in water, comes with a little spoon in the plastic jar, and has no added sugar. There is some stevia used to sweeten it. Mixed in about 8 oz. of water, it tastes slightly sweet with no bad odor or taste. Easy to take. It is also an easy way to get 5 servings of vegetables per day, which would probably never happen with me, otherwise.

5.0 out of 5 stars Should sue snapple
By I Hot Soup 
Size: One Size Fits AllPackage Type: Standard Packaging Verified Purchase

this is really the best stuff on earth your nails will grow faster and harder your hair will also grow faster and stronger and your skin will glow like Edwards from twilight what more do you need to know?

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